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ew::eigenwert develops quantitative models and methods for decision support. This approach of finding solutions is also known as operations research. It is characterized by the close interaction of mathematics, physics, economics and computer science. Real problems – frequently the tasks are optimiziation problems – are displayed by a mathematical model. Using high end numerical solvers the model is solved and the optimized results are used as decision support, recommendation or even as direct assignment. The methods of operations research can be applied for nearly every industrial sector in equal measures.

ew : : Service

  • Consulting support for formulation of the problem
  • abstraction of the problem an developing the mathematical model
  • consulting support for selecting the best method of finding a solution
  • Development of methods to find solutions
  • delivery of models for embedment into existing software technology
  • delivery of complete software tools to solve the formulated problem, consisting of a data base, the mathematical model, interfaces and the managing software